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Here is a collection of the websites that I've created. Many of them are hosted on free hosting sites, and were created using the program Rapidweaver (some were made in about 15 minutes, including the creation of domains and email addresses). The blogs were created using Wordpress. The rest, I designed myself, and created using Macromedia's Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash, Bare Bones Software's BBEdit, and Adobe Photoshop. Here's the list of most of them:

   Current Version (www.bowlerderby.com)
   Version 3 (www.bowlerderby.com/oldsite3)
   Version 2 (www.bowlerderby.com/oldsite2)
   Version 1 (www.bowlerderby.com/oldsite)
   BowlerDerby Blog (blog.bowlerderby.com) - The blog page for this site

the Fedora (fedora.bowlerderby.com) - The main page of the Fedora. A hub for Galleries, a Forum, and school-related things.

Dina Angel-Wing Sculpture (www.dinaangelwing.com) - A website for sculptor Dina Angel-Wing that includes Flash elements, such as an into, and showcases her latest works.

Transformation in Turkey (Link 1, Link 2) - A Flash-based website outlining some of the major aspects of Turkey's transformation in the early 20th century.

Harpsichord Acoustics (physics.bowlerderby.com) - A physics website created to find the best room (with the best acoustical elements) in which to play the harpsichord.

Renegade Youth Media (www.renegademedia.org) - A website for an organization dedicated to youth film projects

The Team Chanowitz Podcast (http://teamchanowitz.sitesled.com) - A podcast site featuring songs from the Team Chanowitz group

The Bob Hill Band (thebobhillband.sitesled.com) - The homepage of the Bob Hill Band

minienvelope (minienvelope.spymac.com) - A Spymac member's homepage